Indian American Wedding- The family affair

Indian American Wedding the family affair

Gathering, giggling and gossips are what fashions an Indian wedding experience. It’s a family repression. Indian weddings not just commend the union of two people the bride and the groom, they praise the joining of the immediate and also extended families at both ends. The uncles, kin, and close relatives play in a significant number of the customary traditions. The wedding ceremony usually last for hours with clatters in the air, mantras recited following the rituals and customs laid down from generations to generations undocumented.

Indian wedding are ‘dynamic’ like a rich embroidered artwork of brilliant gem tones, layered compositions and a festival brimming with family, dance, and great food last but not the least. In short, Indian weddings are lavish, extravagant, glittering and gorgeous.

Customary traditions – The Indianess

The hands and feet of the lady, her family, and companions are covered in intricate artistic designs of henna is a Mehendi practice. The Indian Americans to wrap a striking wonder of the glamour and the glory of Indian weddings practice this in a vivid way.

The Fire is a sacred symbol in Indian traditions as it burns out the misdeeds and purifies the internal soul. The Havan or the fire ceremony, both the bride and the groom revolves chanting mantras of their vows.

There are playful incidents organized to cheer the gathering Plays like the pillow game or fishing the wedding ring inside the bowl of milk acts as ice-breaking activities for both the bride and the groom. To extend the fun and frolic the grooms slippers are usually hidden by the cousins and other family members.

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Gaudy outfit to match the occasion

The most colorful and glamourous outfit in any culture at the time of the wedding are woven both by the bride and the groom. The Indian American usually crafts it a colorful affair with a fusion of wedding dress style from the North, South, East and West. The bride wears a Langa or a saree, for the groom it’s a Sherwani. A rich cultural diversity also depicts reflecting the vivid variety of Indian Wedding dresses.

Bollywood never goes for a toss

Bollywood numbers dancing to the tunes bestows with extra refreshment and for some acts as a tonic of the bygone days back home.