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The Picturesque dream

European weddings are usually elaborate with lots of traditions and customs.

Inspired by the ever-ending romance and classic European way of style depicting the continent reminisce, they dreamed up an equally gorgeous translation to wedding design. The large flower arrangement was inspired from the Renaissance era painting and the idyllic setting perfect spot for a Victorian backdrop. The wedding décor is a lot of cut crystals and blossoming dripping flowers and seed pots embellish the entire scenario.

Just a picture perfect I suppose, as all European weddings are. The sheer beauty of the rooms, the gardens, the props available, the elegant and the gracious couple celebrating this wonderful experience makes any European wedding a perfect wedding event you can ever dream of.

Wedding in Europe without any wedding traditions or customs is virtually unthinkable. Can you visualize guests throwing and breaking crockery? Yes, it’s a tradition in Germany that symbolizes good luck. Customs like forming a guard of honor outside the church, releasing balloons, throwing flower petals are a few of these. The tradition of the act of kidnapping the bride is quite thrilling and sounds adventurous, isn’t it?

The English wedding cake is traditionally a fruit cake made with raisins, almonds, cherries and marzipan. The top layer of this wedding cake is usually preserved by the couples for the baptism of their first child. Wondering about this custom?

In the northern and eastern Europe, including countries like Norway, Denmark , Poland, Russia and Bulgaria the bride usually wears the wedding ring on the right hand fourth figure. This tradition is also followed in Spain, Portugal and Greece. If you happen to encounter with any Swedish bride you will see a set of three rings in her finger, one for her engagement , one the wedding band and also the ring of motherhood. In England the ring is placed in the wedding cake itself and whoever finds the ring from the cake piece is ensured happiness for the next year. Wearing the white gown is the most important in western Europe, but traditionally an Irish lady wears a blue dress a little off the beat with many European countries.

Every European wedding is truly a perfect harmony for you to smell poems in its floral designs and timeless elegance in the appearance. Find your Wedding Videographer in Mississippi.

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